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At CareerPaths NW, we’re not just recruiters; we’re career matchmakers. With over 1400 successful placements, our expertise lies in connecting talent with opportunity, crafting perfect pairings in the professional world. We’re dedicated to making the job search and hiring process as smooth and painless as possible for both job seekers and employers.

Our approach is unique. We see connections others might miss, spanning across a multitude of industries. Whether you’re a fresh graduate stepping into the professional realm or a seasoned professional seeking new horizons, we’ve got you covered. And for our employer clients, we promise a seamless experience in finding the ideal candidate for your team – one that fits not just the job description, but your company culture too.

Here at CareerPaths NW, we believe in creating opportunities where passion meets purpose. Our team, known for their keen eye for talent and unwavering dedication, are the architects behind countless career success stories. They’re not just finding jobs; they’re shaping futures.

Join us on your journey of professional discovery and growth. CareerPaths NW is more than a staffing agency; we’re your partner in building a fulfilling career and a robust workforce.



Newest Seattle area Jobs

HVAC Project Manager | $100K-$130K

Location: Seattle, WA In this role, you will be responsible for performing a variety of project management functions to promote and finalize sales, including concept engineering, completing estimates, and writing proposals.

Profit Center Manager Trainee | $61K + Profit Sharing

Location: Seattle, WA / Portland, OR / Denver, CO In this structured “earn while you learn” plan, you’ll learn all aspects of the company while being groomed to run your own facility. Train as you learn the product lines, move into sales & marketing, and then operations.

Territory Sales Manager | $60K-$65K + Commissions!

Location: Seattle / Renton, WA In this role you will be tasked with generating new accounts in your assigned territory. Utilize the company CRM and selling methodology to range new prospects and educate them on the value of using your company as a provider of business commodities.

Why Choose Us?

At CareerPaths NW, we’re more than just recruiters; we’re architects of opportunity. We understand that behind every resume is a person and behind every job description, an opportunity to grow. That’s why we’re committed to creating connections that empower both job seekers and employers.

For Job Seekers: We appreciate the unique journey that brought you here. Whether you’re seeking your next challenge in the Pacific Northwest or beyond, we’re here to support you. Our team is dedicated to understanding your skills, goals, and aspirations, ensuring that every job suggestion is more than just a match — it’s a stepping stone to your dream career.

For Employers: Your success is our success. We know that finding the right talent is not just about filling a vacancy; it’s about discovering someone who will add value to your team and drive your vision forward. Our extensive network and deep understanding of the job market in Seattle and the broader U.S. allow us to present candidates that are not just qualified, but are the right fit for your company culture.

We’re proud to play a part in the stories of countless individuals and organizations. Our approach is always custom to your needs. From the first contact to the final placement, we’re here to guide, support, and celebrate with you.

Join our community of satisfied clients and fulfilled job seekers. Experience the difference of a recruitment process that’s built on understanding, respect, and a passion for excellence.

Nathan Salmon helped me find a new full time job in just a couple of weeks. We spoke over the phone about all the things I wanted in a new environment, and he helped me get interviews within a few days with multiple companies that checked every box on my list. I now work at a job I love coming to each day. He went above and beyond for me by assisting with scheduling interviews, giving me a quick background on each company, and following up on each job post-interview. Please give them a call.

This company has found two fantastic candidates for my State Farm agency. Tim and Andre are both great to work with. They listened to exactly what I was looking for down to the smallest details. I would recommend this recruiting agency to anyone.

Positive: Professionalism, Quality

Joe McNeal is the man! Joe reached out and left a voicemail. I was hesitant at first, since recruiters can be iffy, but not Joe.
Very professional and was great with follow up. Gave me some pointers to interview and also help with resume.
I landed a position with a company as a Sales Consultant with the assistance of Joe.
High recommend!

I am very happy to have met John D. from CareerPathsNW. I was being picky about my new career path and he was able to secure a job for me – exactly what I was looking for. I am excited for my new opportunity and it is all thanks to John. Highly recommend!
I recently worked with CareerPaths and it was a phenomenal experience. I worked directly with Tim and consider him to be the best recruiter I have ever come in contact with. As everyone knows, the job search and interview process can be scary and stressful, but Tim made the process enjoyable. Not only did he help me land my dream job, but throughout the entire process he supported me, guided me, and encouraged me.

From the start, Tim listened to what I was looking for, connected me with a position that he thought was a good fit, and fought hard for me. If you are looking for a hands on recruiter who truly cares about helping you, look no further.
I recently worked with Anthony on finding a new role. Not only did Anthony help me find a great career for me but also helped through every step of the process. Anthony was not at all what I expected from a recruiter. Not only did he help me find the right career for me but he felt like an advocate for me. Anthony is a true professional and even after I got my new career we are still friends and keep in touch. 10/5 would absolutely recommend.
It wasn’t until about a couple of years ago that I decided it was time for me to change industries after spending 10 years in the Travel and Tourism industry. During the coarse of my transformation I had the experience to work with several different recruiters, some local and some out of state.
It wasn’t until about a year ago I was introduced to Tim from CareerPaths NW. Tim displayed the wherewithal when it came to navigating a competitive job market based on my background to place me in a career where my skillsets and talents will flourish. I love his Team’s “can do attitude” in finding the right fit for clients. Much thanks CareerPaths NW!!!!

Had a great experience working with John. I was in a job that was not a good fit and he really helped me find a better fit. Many helpful phone calls, coaching on interviews, tweaks on my resume, and sending professional thank you emails to companies were things that John did for me. He is an invaluable resource when it comes to job searching. He also found leads I could not have found on my own.

My experience at CareerPaths NW was amazing. Joe McNeal was extremely helpful in my job search and took care of me. He is extremely professional, timely, and dependable. I had been looking for a new job for about two months and wasn’t having much luck, but from the time I sat down with Joe and explained where I wanted to go with my career to the date I was given a job offer was only about a week. ONE WEEK. Can’t thank Joe enough for his help.

Anyone searching for a job is in good hands if they’re working with him.

I first worked with Tim when I was fresh out of college with degrees in French and International Affairs, wanting to work at Microsoft. I clearly didn’t know my path. Tim effectively read my strengths, quickly learned my personality, and got to work. He placed me at a large insurance brokerage as a Benefits Analyst. While I had never even considered insurance, I soon learned Tim had placed me on the perfect career path for me, and I swiftly – and happily – moved up the ladder.

Ten years later, Tim just introduced me to a joint venture opportunity to create my own employee benefits brokerage, and today I launched my own company! Tim has a gift and is a pleasure to work with. If you need help with your career, call him!
Anthony was a great help getting fitted into my career. Conversation and interaction was timely, professional, and effective.
Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

I have had the great fortune to work with Tim Murphy and Lynn Nolte at Career Paths NW on separate occasions. Both worked harder than anyone I have ever met. I met with Lynn via video conferencing as I am in the Portland area. We had a great first meeting going over everything and what I am looking for. She had multiple interviews lined up within a few days and I was receiving an offer after only one interview with my now, prospective employer.

I can’t say enough good things about this group! You won’t be disappointed!

Nothing but great things to say about CareerPaths NW. They reached out to me, found a company that is a great match for my employment history and I was offered a role within 1 month. Nathan was very responsive throughout the process and advocated for my success.
Positive: Professionalism, Responsiveness

Nathan Salmon was an amazing help when I was searching for a job during the pandemic. He found me the exact job I wanted, even in the toughest job market! He really took the time to get to know me and what I valued in my next career move. I appreciated the time he took to make sure the job and company was a fit. I would recommend Nathan to anyone searching for a career change/find the job you have always wanted!

I was new to the area and not sure about what path I needed to take to land a job. I met up with Tim at Career Paths NW and he not only took the time to meet with me, but he was genuinely interested in my story and where I wanted to go next.
I was looking for a job but Tim, after really finding out what I wanted and what was important to me, found me a career in an industry I had never considered. He walked me through the whole process and gave me tips and pointers that were specific to the company I was interviewing with and I now have the best job I’ve ever had, in an industry I truly enjoy. I even ended up referring another friend who had a similar experience (and landed a great job as well) with Tim.
If you’re looking for your next step, call Tim and Career Paths NW. He is great at what he does and will help you get where you need to be.
Positive: Professionalism

I was looking for a job for months prior to and during the pandemic and had talked to Nathan in detail about what I was looking for. My first “in person” interview was a one and done. The offer was made the next day. As they say the rest is history. It was a perfect fit for both the employer and myself and I have been there for a year now and looking forward to many more years.

I would highly recommend Nathan Salmon at career paths NW. It was streamlined and like I said, the first interview was a one. It was Nathan’s ability to match an employer to my specific needs and wants that aced it for me. Talk to him now, your future depends on it!

Positive: Professionalism, Quality

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Nathan during my job search earlier this year. He was very attentive and selective with the opportunities he presented in the job-hunting process. I had an initial 30-60 minute conversation with him where we talked about what I was looking for and how we could partner with each other to make sure it was a good fit.

After several conversations with potential employers, I finally landed a job that fit what I was looking for! I thank Nathan for his skills and ability to connect with job seekers. Highly recommend reaching out to him to those that are looking to transition into a new career.

Nathan Salmon at Career Paths NW was great. He took the time to learn about me and what I was looking for, and then he found a position that fit perfectly with my work history and skill set. I’ve since referred several friends to him and will continue to do so.
Nathan was a joy to work with. He was easy to communicate with. Had great follow through and did exactly what he said he was going to do in a timely manner.

Within a couple days of our initial conversation, I had several interviews with potential employers. We spoke after each interview and went over pros/cons of each potential job. He advocated for me the entire time and was very transparent.

Ultimately, I accepted a job he had found and my new employer admitted that he probably wouldn’t have interviewed me if it wasn’t for Nathan’s urging that I would make a great fit.

Andre was key to my success in landing the position I had been looking for. I dealt with many recruiters prior to working with Andre and his level of professionalism and understanding of how to land a job was unparalleled. He gave me the insight and formula that was integral to finding the career I was looking for as well as the recipe for ensuring success with the interviews.
I highly recommend working with Andre and CareerPaths NW if you are serious about your next career move.
Positive: Professionalism, Responsiveness

I accidentally came across CareerPaths NW and Kollin was so amazing to work with! He went to work for me and got me a fantastic job that I was actually not even interested in to start. I feel like Kollin took the time needed to get to really get to know the person who was hiring and was then able to find the perfect match! I am so grateful for the extra help I received trying to find a great job in today’s market. Thanks so much Kollin!

Nathan Salmon at Career Paths NW was instrumental in facilitating my career change. Nathan and I had several discussions and I feel that he understood my skillset and background. I appreciate the personal approach offered and would refer Career Paths NW to anyone who’s considering their options on the open market.
I worked with Kate who is an amazing person, she helped me get an amazing job that I am absolutely loving. Kate was very straight forward, quick and efficient, her communication was by far superb.
Kate helped get my prosperous position so quickly that it was astonishing. There is absolutely nothing negative I can say, eternally grateful for such prompt and clear communication and progress.
Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness

I was iffy at first because I haven’t had the greatest experience with recruiters, but Nathan was different and actually worked to find a good job for me. Definitely a good experience. After being laid off due to the pandemic I was losing hope honestly, but Nathan reached out over LinkedIn and we went from there. He found a placement pretty quickly and I am still employed and liking my career 6 months later. Super thankful.

I really felt like he cared about finding a good career for me and also finding the right person for the employer/company as well, which is why this worked out so well. I have had recruiters just send me random jobs before with no context or go ghost. Nathan walked me through EVERYTHING. Prepped me for the interview, gave me resources through the whole process and was very attentive and on top of things and always communicating with me.

Lots of gold stars.

I had the great pleasure of working with Nathan Salmon at CareerPaths NW!

Nathan Salmon played an essential role in me acquiring my new career. Not only did Nathan take the time to learn about me as a professional but genuinely focused on what I wanted from my next career. He made it a priority to ensure he didn’t just present random job opportunities that I might work for a short period of time and need to look elsewhere in the future. Nathan’s philosophy never wavered, in that he truly was there to help me find something that would satisfy my desire to grow and provide me with fulfillment.

Out of all the recruiting agencies, seminars, professional resume services and interviewers I’ve worked with, I have never encountered someone with such a unique way of guiding a person further down their career path. Nathan offered invaluable guidance through the entire interviewing/hiring process (which lasted three weeks). As opposed to offering specific words to mention or sentences to say Nathan paints a picture of the core philosophies and ideals a business follows. This helps you gain a more comprehensive understanding of both the company and your potential career.
Nathan helped me find a company and career that I am incredibly happy with and intend to stay at for a very long time. If you are searching for a career that will satisfy you professionally and personally, I strongly recommend you reach out to Nathan Salmon!
Excellent. Most pleased with the effort to help me find the next opportunity!!
Tim Murphy and his team at CareerPaths NW are wonderful to work with. I recommend them to everyone looking for a job, or to hire. They provide a truly seamless, professional experience.
My experience with John Brotnov and CareerPaths NW was top notch. Some recruiting companies use the tactic of putting a body in a job, regardless of fit. I had the opposite experience here. John took the time to get to know me over the course of multiple interviews and discussions, giving him great insight into who I am and what kind of job and company would fit my skills and passions.
I was not in a rush to get a new job, as I was currently employed and able to make ends meet. This allowed John to take the time to find the right opening for me. If I’m ever looking to change positions again, John will be the first person I speak to. I have recommended him to a few friends, who hopefully take my advice and give him a call. If you’re looking for a new job, you should do the same.
I’ve worked with CareerPaths NW twice now and have found it to be a very enjoyable and effective experience. I felt that my needs and interests were the primary focus of CareerPaths NW throughout my job search, and I thought that Tim was very honest in his evaluations of the different companies that I was interviewing with and how I would fit in there.

I’ve recommended CareerPaths NW to many friends over the years, and they will continue to be the first place I call when I start a new job search.

I worked with Nathan Salmon, a recruiter at Career Paths NW. He was incredibly responsive and very actively looking for job leads for me. He does not give up until you are satisfied with the company/job. He helped place me in a company I am very happy to work with.
It was a a pleasure working with Tim as a recruiter. He understood my requirements as a job seeker and I felt he was looking out for my best interest. I would highly recommend his services.
I first worked with Tim when I was fresh out of college with degrees in French and International Affairs, wanting to work at Microsoft. I clearly didn’t know my path. Tim effectively read my strengths, quickly learned my personality, and got to work. He placed me at a large insurance brokerage as a Benefits Analyst. While I had never even considered insurance, I soon learned Tim had placed me on the perfect career path for me, and I swiftly – and happily – moved up the ladder.

Ten years later, Tim just introduced me to a joint venture opportunity to create my own employee benefits brokerage, and today I launched my own company! Tim has a gift and is a pleasure to work with. If you need help with your career, call him!
Nathan Salmon is by far the most thorough and knowledgeable recruiter I’ve met. What a talented and kind man. Whether walking me through his profiler or reviewing a job possibility he clearly championed my abilities and supported my process 100 percent. I absolutely recommend and endorse his services.
I was referred to Tim Murphy by a friend that he helped previously. Tim sat down and talked to me extensively about myself, family, sports, and anything else to get to know me. By doing this he was able to help me understand what type of career was the best fit for me. He connected me with a great company that I am currently working for, and I couldn’t be happier with the fit.
The whole experience with Tim was great, and I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a career.
Not once, but twice I was placed with a great office! Thank you Nathan Salmon who helped me on much preparation. With COVID hitting the industry, it amazed me how things suddenly came about unexpectedly! Thank you for your diligence and time.
Thank you guys for helping me finding my dream job! Nathan Salmon is the best! Highly professional, responsive, went above and beyond and was able to find a perfect company for my skills and experience! Thank you!
My wife was promoted and we were forced to relocate to the Seattle area by December of this year. Since I’m a Regional Sales Director, I thought it would be tough to find a job comparable to the one I currently have in such a short amount of time.
I reached out to about 40 recruiters and Nathan Salmon was the ONLY one to come through. He was aggressive and made a commitment that he would find my next job. He made a process that I thought was impossible, look easy and seamless. Needless to say, he found 2 outstanding companies that made my decision making process VERY tough (That’s a good problem to have).
If you are looking for a recruiter that is professional, aggressive, and committed to your success, then Nathan Salmon is your guy!
Thanks Nathan!!
CareerPaths has helped me grow tremendously in my career. With the help of Nathan S., I’ve substantially increased my earnings and have also received two promotions within the company I was hired at. If you need a recruiter to listen to your needs and help you find a new company based on culture, career development, and salary goals – Nathan and his team are your go to source!
I had a wonderful experience working with John Brotnov with CareerPaths NW. I was very pleased with the level of professionalism John demonstrated, as well as his genuine desire to understand my personality and skill set; using them to find the right fit.
John and I met for an informational interview and within a few short days he had an interview arranged with a great company who gave me an offer. I highly recommend John Brotnov and CareerPaths NW for any career placement needs.

This group of men is exceptional! These men, this office is extremely helpful and supportive, they sincerely care about your future and well being! Thank you career pathway team! You helped me find and land my FOREVER home!

Nathan Salmon at Career Paths helped me with my career path. He was a BIG help in not only placing me in contact with an employer but an employer that was a fit for me and me for them. Professionalism, follow up, and courtesy are a few of the many good characteristics that I would use to describe this business.

Bringing Exceptional Talent to your Team

Welcome to CareerPaths NW, the premier choice for employers seeking specialized staffing solutions. With over 2,300 job orders worked and more than 700 unique employers served, our experience and success in the staffing industry speak volumes about our commitment to excellence.

Why Choose CareerPaths NW for Your Staffing Needs?

  • Unparalleled Industry Expertise: We bring years of experience and a deep understanding of various industries to the table, enabling us to find and connect you with the top talent your business requires.
  • Tailored Staffing Solutions: Recognizing that every business has unique needs, we adapt our approach to provide personalized and efficient staffing solutions, ensuring a perfect fit for your company.
  • Comprehensive Candidate Evaluation: Our rigorous screening process evaluates not just the skills but also the cultural fit of candidates, ensuring they align with your company’s values and long-term goals.
  • Hassle-Free Hiring Guarantee: We stand behind our service with a 60-day hiring guarantee, offering peace of mind and demonstrating our confidence in the quality of our placements.
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Discover the difference a dedicated, experienced staffing partner can make. Whether you’re looking to fill a single position or need comprehensive staffing assistance, CareerPaths NW is here to streamline your hiring process and connect you with the talent that will drive your business forward. Our team is eager to understand your needs and begin the search for your next exceptional team member. Let’s work together to bring the best talent to your organization.

With CareerPaths NW, you gain access to a pool of top talent with the assurance of a risk-free, results-oriented process. Interview candidates with the confidence that you only pay when you find the ideal match for your team.

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We believe in providing value-driven services to our employer clients. Understanding the importance of finding the right candidate, we offer a unique approach to recruitment that’s both effective and cost-efficient.

Free Candidate Interviews: No Risk, High Reward

  • Zero Interview Costs: Interviewing candidates referred by us is completely free. This allows you to assess as many potential hires as needed without any financial commitment during the selection process.
  • Pay Only for Success: Our fee structure is designed with your satisfaction in mind. You incur a fee only when you decide to hire a candidate we’ve referred. This ensures that our interests are aligned with yours – in finding the perfect match for your company.

Your Assurance: Our 60-Day Guarantee

  • We stand firmly behind our referrals with a 60-day guarantee. If our referral leaves or is terminated within the first 60 days of employment for unsatisfactory performance, we will refund the entire service charge, underscoring our commitment to quality and your satisfaction.

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