Why Should You Use LinkedIn?

If you’re looking to network or are interested in keeping up to date on your professional industry, there’s no better place than LinkedIn.
Here you can find a vast network of professionals like you across any and all industries. Think of it almost as social media for business, with the benefit of affording you new opportunities.
So why should you use it?


First off, if you’re looking to grow in your career, LinkedIn is a great resource.
Stay on top of market trends and new technologies to get ahead of the curve and improve your skills. Build your network of people from your company, industry, or Job Title to get unique insights that may help inspire or educate you.

Build a Personal Brand & Network 

Join in on the conversation! Share knowledge of your own to help others, and build a strong reputation for yourself in the process. You may even get noticed as a result, possibly offering you unique opportunities. All in all, it can be an enriching resource for passive and active career growth.

Seeking work

On the topic of opportunities, your network of connections may expose you to interesting jobs that you would have otherwise not seen.
LinkedIn in particular has a reputation as being one of the best places to find quality professionals when employers are looking to hire. If LinkedIn is where many employers look first, it’s wise to have your profile in the mix.
If you’re actively looking for work, make sure to take the time to fill out your profile with your experience and skills so that you can be discovered passively by companies seeking your expertise.
Browse their Job Board, sporting over 6 million jobs, to get your resume out to the positions you want. You can also activate a setting that shows you are Open to Work, which will display a graphic over your profile image to increase your visibility. This will make it even easier for employers to find you.

Overall, using LinkedIn can change your professional career for the better, in a multitude of ways. Whether you plan to actively engage with the platform, or just make a profile with your information, it can serve to benefit you nonetheless.