Interview Tips for Insurance Professionals

Finance and Accounting Jobs

If you want to get anywhere as a finance or accounting professional in the insurance world, you’ll surely need strong analytical skills, but you won’t be able to hide behind a green visor. In fact, you likely won’t get far into the interview before the hiring manager hits you with a series of challenging what-if questions — that’s behavioral interviewing of the financial kind.

They try to knock you out of your chair verbally to see how you handle pressure, It’s a screening out, not a screening in.

To prepare for this, think of the toughest situations you’ve been in and how you brought those scenarios to a successful conclusion, whether the issues were ethical, technical, people-oriented or all three. Do the same for the kinds of conundrums you’d expect to encounter in the role you’re going for at your prospective employer.

This thorough screening isn’t just for managers in finance and accounting; you can also expect a tough interview for staff positions such as claims representative.