Excel at Phone Interviews in Seattle

Master the phone interview.

Your first interview will be a phone interview. It was the top method listed for conducting first interviews. But sadly, job seekers don’t feel as comfortable with phone interviews as they do with in-person interviews.

An HR screener will likely want you to walk him or her through your résumé. Be sure to have a copy of the same résumé; nearby during the interview. This part of the interview is usually a check-off item unless you give signals that there is more than meets the eye. “I was recruited,” “I left for greater responsibilities” or “I was part of a larger company reorganization” are all you need to say in most instances.

Any bullet point on your résumé might pique the curiosity of your interviewer. Be prepared to give more detail, but don’t take too much time on any one answer. After a few sentences, ask: “Is this what you were after, or would you like me to go in a different direction or provide greater detail?”