Be innovative take a risk

The job search is tough, the market is competitive, and it’s only natural to be cautious and by-the-book in your approach. But, as the saying goes, fortune favors the bold—and sometimes, taking risks in your career can pay off big time.

For example, if you see a job listing that makes your heart race with excitement, but you don’t quite qualify, apply anyway. If you’re applying to a highly competitive position at your dream company, consider a video application or dynamic online resume to stand out. Or, think outside the application process altogether—and see if you can set up informational interviews or meetings with people who work at awesome companies in your industry. These approaches might seem risky, but I’ve seen them reap big rewards more than once.

All the trappings of our modern lives can be easy to depend on—and sometimes you really can use them. But, make sure you weave in a few old school tricks as well, and you’ll surely impress potential employers with your renaissance approach.