Writing Cover letters for Sales jobs in Seattle

Some handy tips to remember while writing cover letters

  1. In your cover letter, employers don’t only want to hear about you. They want to hear about themselves, too.
  2. The secret to writing a great cover letter: Pretend that the person you’re writing to already loves and respects you.
  3. Think of getting to know a company like getting to know a person. What is he or she like? Quirky? Serious? Snarky?
  4. To help with your cover letter jitters, just imagine you’re writing an email to the hiring manager.
  5. Your cover letter is meant to complement your resume—not reiterate it.
  6. Creepy pick-up lines don’t work in bars. They also don’t work in cover letters.
  7. Leave that phrase “To Whom it May Concern” out of your cover letter. Now.
  8. A salesy tone in a cover letter can overshadow your solid qualifications and make you seem pompous and aggressive.
  9. “I won’t pretend your company’s mission is my passion…” started the worst cover letter ever.
  10. Not quite qualified for the job? Don’t apologize for it in your cover letter.