New LinkedIn Tool for the Seattle Job Seeker

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could easily send recruiters a message that you’re open to hearing about opportunities?

And wouldn’t it be nicer if you could do that without broadcasting the information to your boss and the rest of the world?

A few months ago, LinkedIn launched a test feature that does just that. Now they’re rolling it out for wider use. They say that switching it on makes LinkedIn Recruiter users twice as likely to look at your profile.

LinkedIn Job Preference Details

You can take a look by going to LinkedIn and clicking Jobs/Preferences/Update Your Preferences.

Once there, you can specify your:

  1. Desired location.
  2. Experience level (trainee to executive).
  3. Industry preferences (from LinkedIn’s preset list).
  4. Company size preferences.
  5. Preferred field/functional area (from LinkedIn’s preset list).
  6. Preferred job title (up to three from LinkedIn’s preset list).
  7. Type of desired employment from full-time to five other options.
  8. Availability (now or a specific month). And:
  9. Whether or not LI can tell recruiters you’re open to new opportunities.
  10. Whether or not LI can share your detailed job preferences with recruiters.
  11. Whether or not LI can share your full profile with recruiters when you apply to jobs.

Items 9 through 11 stay switched on for 90 days, at which point you have to revisit your preferences page and reset them.

Will Your Employer See Your Job Preferences?

Maybe. LinkedIn doesn’t give you any guarantee of protection. However, be sure your current job is linked to your employer’s LinkedIn company page. When you do that, LinkedIn will try to hide you from Recruiter users at your company and its affiliated companies (more here).

If your company’s logo shows on your profile for your current job, then you have linked yourself to its company page.


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