Advice for the recent Bellevue Graduates.

Be aggressive. Is there a job you have your heart set on this year? Be more aggressive by applying to the job(s) you really want to thrive in. Reach out to potential employers and properly introduce yourself. Stopping by the company is a great way to make new connections and really highlight your interest in working for a particular niche.

Be practical. Even if your current job is merely another gig to pay the bills, this year remember to be practical. Don’t quit your current gig unless you have another job lined up. There’s no need to make hasty decisions. This year, be practical when it comes to career choices.

Network frequently. You never know who a new person is until you start chatting with them. Whether it’s a passenger on public transportation, someone on their laptop at a coffee shop, or even the person behind you in the checkout line at the grocery store, try to network. Always carry business cards on you at all times and remember to be friendly. Striking up conversations with random people could lead to a job. Try it.

Attend conferences. Conferences are great resources for professionals of all walks of life. There’s so much to learn from keynote speakers and the content you discover at conferences could very well put you in a more professional setting someday. Research affordable conferences in your area or ones within reasonable traveling distances. See if your current employer will cover the registration fees. Do what you can to make an appearance at one or two conferences per year. They’re fantastic networking opportunities, and great for your resume to make you a marketable candidate.

Invest in yourself. This year, make a point to invest in the tools that will improve your career. Whether it’s a new laptop for better functionality, a course to brush up on your networking skills, or a website membership to start your own online presence, try to invest in yourself. Do what you can to improve your professional platform this year.