3 Tips to kickstart your 2017 Job Search with Seattle Recruiters

1. Be Positive:

It is important to understand how difficult the job market is today, and that it is not necessarily your fault that you are out of work and having difficulty finding a new job. However, you must own your job search and start taking the necessary steps to improve the way you present yourself to potential employers. Just remember that you are not alone in this situation, and every job you get passed over for actually brings you one step closer to the one you will get.

Attitude Confidence, Motivation, and Positive Thinking

2. Stay Motivated:

It is easy to become disheartened when you have been out of work for a significant amount of time, and seeing reports in the media about high unemployment rates and benefits being cut off can make it seem like things are never going to get better. The best way to combat falling into a rut or depression is to stay active. Make a point of sending out resumes or filling out applications at least once a day, even if it’s to a job you don’t think you can get, as job seeking is a skill that needs to be practiced, just like playing the piano or lifting weights.

3. Create a Personal Marketing Plan:

Create a list of target companies and industries you want to work for, so you can channel your efforts into a more focused job search. Looking for work is a full-time job, and to increase your chances of being successful, you need to approach it that way. Researching information about the what a company does, where it fits within the industry, and what will be expected of you in the available position will aid you tremendously when you are in front of a potential employer, and show that you have the knowledge and motivation to be successful with them.