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Job Loss Happens…

Be More Than Prepared Always have an up-to-date resume ready to send. You never know when an opportunity that is too good to pass up might come along. If you’re not on LinkedIn yet, create a LinkedIn Profile and start making connections who can help your job search. Don’t Wait If you are laid-off, file […]

Know Your Employment History

Be sure that you provide accurate information on your job applications and resume. Don’t guess as to where you worked and when. If you don’t remember the details, recreate your work history before you apply. The most important thing is that you be truthful about all information you give to prospective employers. If you’re worried […]

Manager In Training – $50,000 (1ST YEAR) Base Salary + Profit Sharing

Location: Seattle If you are looking for a well-established large company that has a culture of promoting from within, and has a defined career path, then this position may be for you! Our client, the country’s leading electrical distributor with over 1000 facilities and 7000 employees nationwide is looking to add to their world renown […]

Seattle Hobbies that could land you a job

In a competitive workplace, your resume needs to stand out enough to get you through the front door.  So once you’ve polished up your skills and experience, put that “Hobbies” line on your resume to work for you. Here are a few extracurricular interests that can highlight admirable job skills. Rock Climbing What it shows: […]

General Career Tips for Seattle

1. A first impression is made in less than 30 seconds. 2. Want to boost your charisma? Focus on energy and optimism. 3. “You’re always an employee, you’re always representing your company, and you’re always representing yourself.” 4. Rule #1 for dealing with bad bosses: It’s okay to question authority. 5. No matter where your […]

Bellevue Job Search Myth Buster

Job Hopping Is Bad For Your Future Career’ Gone is the era where you would stay at one company for 35 or 40 years only to retire from there. These days, employers see that as a detriment — you lack diversity, skill development, change, etc. Don’t be afraid to change jobs every few years. It adds new experiences to your resume. […]

Seattle Recruiter Myth Buster…

‘Job Searching Is A Full-Time Job’ “Job searching is a full-time job” is a myth. If you’re job searching effectively and efficiently, your job search should take approximately one hour per day: 20 minutes finding a position to apply to, 20 minutes customizing your resume and cover letter to the job posting, and 20 minutes networking with people who are in similar positions as the one you’re applying to. Rinse […]

Want to make forward progress in your career?

Being ambitious in your career doesn’t mean you need to be a ruthless workaholic who uses other people to climb the ladder; it means being curious, hardworking, excited, and open to new opportunities, even when you least expect them. It means taking an active role in your own process—whether that’s going out on a limb […]

Your Job Search is the most important thing

Hiring managers can smell desperation a mile away and they don’t like it. If you’re looking for a job, then act like your job hunt is your job. Keep a schedule, create task lists and execute them, and do everything you would do if you had a job. When you walk into an interview with […]

Take control of your job search like a boss.

Consider the hiring manager’s perspective Keep in mind that, even if you’re desperate for a job, the company is almost as anxious to find someone capable to hire. Most companies need to attract the best talent, but don’t have their pick. Even at Google, the talent war is real. And here’s a pro-tip that will […]