VP of Marketing and Digital Content 130K-175K + Bonus



Location: Portland preferred


We are at an exciting and pivotal time for our family-owned company. We have been fortunate to have met with such great success over the years, but now more than ever we see the need to diversify our business and transform its model of support. Building on what currently exists, we are looking for top-level executive leader to drive change in a fast-changing landscape across the Pacific Northwest with team/offices in Portland, OR and Kent, WA. This leader oversee multiple departments as they exist today and evolve them to build a vision for the future. They should be comfortable working with a range of people and platforms – in the office, in the field with customers and in the digital world, while adapting and responding effectively to the challenges they face.


Required Skills: This person is a change agent — an open-minded, lateral thinker with vision who understands the workings and strategy of the digital and technological landscape. A people-person by nature, they must interact with a range of people within and beyond our organization and collaborate with leadership. Grounded in strategy this individual must possess strong influencing skill to ensure the team believes in the direction. A natural mentor that will set the team up for success now and into the future.  They are a dynamic leader and role model, and know when to engage functional areas, with what information, to maximize effectiveness; they never work in a silo. Technologically articulate and savvy when it comes to building effective platforms for customer ordering and engagement. They understand content strategy and creation, customer research data and analytics and can shift execution quickly without losing the end goal. They are customer experience oriented, forward-thinking, results oriented, know about/how to measure customer lifetime value. They enjoy getting out in the field with customers as well as strategizing and executing within our 4-walls.


Department Responsibilities (as they exist today): Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, R&D



  1. Engage the organization in managing customer relationships, revenue, and profit.
  2. Create a persistent focus on the customer in the actions the company takes.
  3. Drive the organization to work together for optimum customer experience delivery.
  4. Support leaders in the business transformation adventure.


Daily responsibilities:

  1. Engage and align with all functional peers
  2. Deliver greatest value to customers.
  3. Mentor team.
  4. Be the voice of the customer.
  5. Measure success of customer relationships.
  6. Build and foster customer loyalty.


2020-21 Customer Experience Initiatives:

  1. Launch digital commerce for B2B.

Partners: IT, Marketing, Customer Service, Sales, Purchasing

  1. Lead the efforts in building a customer experience on a digital platform for B2B transactions for foodservice and retail trade, including validation of product offering and their pricing, data gathering, and content: Launch date: Spring 2021 or sooner.
  2. Validate product portfolio and digital platform for B2C transactions, including validation of product offering and their pricing and build-out of the customer experience; determine best delivery/distribution system based on consumer expectation/needs: Launch date: Fall 2020.
  3. Validate chosen platform:
  4. Ensure the user-experience is superior.
  5. Build customer loyalty.
  1. Establish metrics for defining the relationship with customers

Partners: Marketing, Customer Service, Sales, IT, Transportation and Finance

  1. Simple metrics to manage customers as an asset.
  2. Create a united platform for understanding the voice of the customer and taking action:
    1. Real-time issue trending and tracking (such as challenges or complaints).
    2. Monitor customer satisfaction and unite/lead a company-wide approach.
  • Optimize for “listening” for innovation opportunities, web, social media, field, etc.
  1. Influence cross-company agreement on how to deliver greatest value to customers

Partners: Marketing, Customer Service, Sales, IT, Transportation, Purchasing and Finance

  1. Define what customers value – how to determine the differentiating experience to be delivered.
  2. Determine what customers to invest in.
  3. Decide where to make investment decisions (where we’d place the highest-impact support and efforts).
  4. Create a common language set and definitions for the customer experience.
  1. With leadership, drive accountability through cross-company data and metrics

Partners: C-level, all functional VPs and Directors

  1. Facilitate the development of the accountability action chain, establishing the approaches and implementation of research to understand customer loyalty and return on investment (ROI).
  2. Work with leaders to identify baseline metrics for tracking interaction with customers.
  3. Drive tracking and reporting to get to reliability in key interactions.
  4. Lead the accountability forums – when to meet with whom to drive accountability.
  5. Work with leaders on messages, reinforcing, recommendations for recognition, and driving the culture change forward.
  1. Form a common approach and process for driving the work across the organization

Partners: all functional VPs and Directors

  1. Identify operational accountability cross-functional alliances.
  2. Facilitate working together across the silos instead of separately within them.
  3. Instill the discipline of process change and change management into the organization.
  4. Help ensure our business practices what it preaches.
  1. Solidify, build and foster customer loyalty in this new economy.
    1. Market at the speed of expectation.
    2. Find methods of engaging customers outside of the traditional industry boundaries.
    3. Lead content strategy and execution.


Preferred Experience: Senior leadership/management level; 10 years’ experience in data management and CRM. This person has lead customer marketing and a cross-functional team of people and been directly responsible for content marketing. They have worked in a large company and can scale learnings to our mid-sized growing business; they have experience and knowledge in go-to-market distribution and sales. Business degree, MBA preferred.