Seattle Staffing Agency Tips


Resume Tip for Seattle Job Hunters

If you are conducting a job search, ask yourself the following questions: Is your resume providing you with the results you want? Is it a compelling document that highlights your skill sets and accomplishments to your best advantage? Are you…

Lynnwood Recruiter Tips

Accept That You Will Never Bore Anyone Into Hiring You Don’t get me wrong—you absolutely must come across as polished, articulate and professional throughout your job search. However, many people translate this into: Must. Be. Boring. Wrong,…

Positioning yourself for that ideal job in Seattle

REMEMBER THAT YOUR RESUME (AND LINKEDIN PROFILE) IS NOT A TATTOO Yes, your new resume is lovely. Your LinkedIn profile, breathtaking. However, if they don’t position you as a direct match for a particular role that you’re gunning for,…

Simple LinkedIn Hack for Bellevue Job Seekers

Update Your LinkedIn Status Daily to Stay Top of Mind This will make sure that you’ll stay on the radar of everyone you know—read: that they’ll remember you when an available opportunity opens up. How to do this without being annoying?…

Use LinkedIn Resume Builder in Seattle

Use LinkedIn Resume Builder to Create an Updated Resume Fast If you’re like me, your LinkedIn profile is much more up to date than your actual resume. But if you need to update your resume fast for an available opportunity, don’t spend…

Tips for excelling in you career in Bellevue

Work hard and be nice to people. It’s a very simple motto we at CPNW try to live by it daily. There’s never going to be a precisely right moment to speak, share an idea, or take a chance. Just take the moment—don’t let thoughts like…

Social Media Tips for Job Hunters in Bellevue

Want to get noticed by recruiters? Build a personal website. Your LinkedIn summary should be around 3-5 short paragraphs, with a bulleted section in the middle. LinkedIn’s 120-character headline limit is a prime piece of marketing real…

Looking for an Insurance Job in Seattle

Be Prepared. Have a voice mail system in place and sign-up for a professional sounding email address. Consider getting a separate email account to use for your job search, so you can stay organized. Put your cell phone number on your resume…

Lynnwood Job Tips

Learn how to properly use questions. You can learn, get answers, give answers, mentor people and develop your reputation just by using questions. Learn to use questions in a non-threatening way and you will open up many doors. Don’t be better,…

Jobs tips for Insurance Industry Professionals

Legal and Paralegal There’s no end to the legal complexities of the insurance business, as this excerpt from a recent paralegal job posting illustrates: Independently conducts heavy to complex legal research and analyzes law sources such…

Interview Tips for Insurance Professionals

Finance and Accounting Jobs If you want to get anywhere as a finance or accounting professional in the insurance world, you’ll surely need strong analytical skills, but you won’t be able to hide behind a green visor. In fact, you likely…

Cover Letter Tip for Lynnwood

Q. If a job ad doesn't ask for a cover letter, should I send one anyway? A. You don’t need to send a cover letter if the job application doesn’t specifically request one. If a company wants your cover letter, they will ask for it.

5 Quick Tips: For Finding a Job in Bellevue

1.People who master the job hunt build up the psychological know-how to get through a sometimes soul-crushing process. 2. When it comes to searching for open positions online, big job boards aren’t the answer anymore. 3. The first step…