Redmond job interview tips.

Beat the Clock to Beat Your Nerves!

Nothing can make a stressful situation more stressful than anticipation and dread… Having to wait all day for an interview is a quick and easy way to build up a major case of the butterflies. Rather than spend the whole day worrying and building yourself into a frenzied ball of anxious nerves, try to schedule your interviews for early in the day.  

Not only will you have more confidence, but you’ll appear fresher and more alert.  

It’s also been proven that interviewers tend to remember the first few people they interview in a day much more clearly than those they subsequently interview later.  Remember, it’s the early bird that gets the worm…or job!

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Redmond Recruiter Tips

As an employee, you are essentially a small business of one.

Your employer is the customer, and you must focus on how to increase your skills to be more desirable.

Do everything you can to make your boss look good.

They will remember this when it is time for a promotion or a raise.

The qualities that got you your first promotion won’t always be the ones to get your next one.

At higher levels, employees are judged on their ability to deliver future value to the company in ways that are not taught or explained to them: most importantly, how much business are they are able to bring in.

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Lynnwood Job Tips

Learn how to properly use questions.

You can learn, get answers, give answers, mentor people and develop your reputation just by using questions. Learn to use questions in a non-threatening way and you will open up many doors.

Don’t be better, be different.

You might not have the exact experience listed on the job description, but if you can show how your unique skills would better suit the company, you have a better shot than someone who is a more technical match.

Talk openly about your failures.

People will respect and trust you if they see that you’re taking risks and aren’t ashamed to learn from them.

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Success Vs Happiness

Focus on professional success before looking for happiness in your career.

It sounds weird to tell someone that they shouldn’t seek happiness in their job, but it really is a great piece of advice. Why? Because often times, the company you work for could care less if you’re happy with what you do. Your company is only interested in results, which is the only thing you should be concerned with.

If you think about it, this is a piece of advice that actually leads to happiness in your personal life. When you focus on results in your career, then you’ll make more money. When you make more money, you’re able to enjoy your personal life a lot more. So rather than trying to find happiness in your career right away, shoot for better job productivity and results instead.

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Seattle Job Tip

Always be kind to the receptionist, especially at an interview.

This goes for anyone, no matter how far up the food chain they are. You never know who they know.


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Radical new job tip for landing a job in Bellevue

Send your Resume and Cover Letter by mail instead of online.

Why it works:

  1. It’s different. You stand out.
  2. It shows off your professionalism, communication and writing skills.
  3. It breaks the monotony of the recruiter’s or hiring manager’s day (in a good way).
  4. It’s not cold and impersonal.
  5. It’s gutsy and people love to see that sort of thing.

No matter your career level, this could work for you but first let’s make sure your resume is updated and ready to be seen.

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Seattle Job Hunting Obvious Tips

Don’t Limit Yourself to Online Applications

You want that job search to last and last? Well, then continue to rely solely on submitting online applications. You want to accelerate this bad boy? Don’t stop once you apply online for that position. Start finding and then endearing yourself to people working at that company of interest. Schedule informational interviews with would-be peers. Approach an internal recruiter and ask a few questions. Get on the radar of the very people who might influence you getting an interview.


By lining up with people on the inside of the companies at which you want to work, you will instantly set yourself apart. Decision makers interview people who come recommended or by way of a personal referral before they start sorting through the blob of resumes that arrives by way of the ATS.

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Seattle Career Tip

Review your network.

How often do you go back and review the people you’ve worked with before. Previous managers may have new jobs now, so it can help you to keep in touch with them along the way. Former co-workers may be in management positions. Reconnect with people from your career and find out if they can help you, or you can help them, down the road.

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Top tips for Successful interviews in Redmond

  • Check you have read the job advertisement and description if sent before your interview.
  • Ensure you meet the requirements and you have a positive answer for any areas you do not fully meet.
  • Research the company products, staff, culture, clients and competitors.
  • Ensure you know the correct name of your interviewer and job title.
  • Be sure you know the interview procedure; some companies have one-to-one interviews; panel interviews; assessment centres; psychometric testing.
  • View a map and plan your journey in advance, allowing for delayed trains and accidents.
  • Have your CV, references and any additional information requested, to hand.
  • Conservative dress is preferred but check with the culture of the office too – wear smart attire and ensure your shoes are shiny and well kept.
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Most frequently asked interview questions in Bellevue

Tell Me About Yourself?

This is usually the first question asked in an interview as it lets the interviewer know a little bit about you.

It is important that you deliver a confident answer to this, so it is advised that you rehearse before the interview. Make sure that you identify areas that reflect the job you are being interviewed for and show your enthusiasm, this can display the interviewer how you are well suited to the job. Also try and include some of the achievements you feel are important.

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